Vegan Shoe line that will fullfill your Sixties Fashion Fantasies

If you love ethical fashion and retro style, meet Susi Studio. Designed by founder and creative director Bianca Moran, the LA-based brand is here to present “vegan footwear for the modern woman” while empowering women through the fact the company is owned by girl boss Bianca.
The first batch of cruelty-free shoes are for summer 2016, and feature charming styles that remind us of what a Sixties starlet might pack in her bag while vacationing on the French Riviera. Prices range from $150 to $250, and there’s everything from T-strap Mary Janes to platform heels to the lace-up loafers below.
Shop Susi Studio here, and check out their new “Start Today” campaign, inspiring “women of all walks of life to take the first step to pursue their passion,” just like Bianca did. The first campaign’s star is Erin McKenna of delicious vegan bakery, Baby Cakes.

by Natalie Alcala – Courtesy of la.racked